Your story is important to me!

Why you love and who you love matters to me. I want to tell your love story through frozen moments in photographs. I want to hear about what you love to do and why. I want to know your passions and what makes your heart beat faster, so when you’re in front of my camera, we are creating real life IN-LOVE moments: laughing, loving, and soaking up the beautiful chaos all around us. 


Erika Coy Photography® communicates the language to tell you how beautiful you really are, that this moment in your life matters, faces and places you love matter, and what’s most important, that you matter.

Every type of love is

beautiful & meaningful

Memories are so important to me. I love getting to know the families and couples that I work with personally. This really helps to make them feel at ease in front of the camera and allows me to capture their true personalities. With an eye for detail and a style that is described as Romantic, Authentic, and Artistic - I seek to capture true emotions in both posed and candid shots that will tell your own story...I want your photographs to be more than just images; I want them to be memories of feelings and moments that you can cherish for a lifetime!” - Erika Coy, Owner



Erika’s Style

I’m a lifestyle photographer, which to me, means capturing love and life candidly and letting moments unfold naturally. A mix of photojournalism + fine art, I am ready to give direction when it's called for. In the end, there will always be some joking around + good times.

I’m a Visual Storyteller. I photograph with purpose, capturing authentic moments as they happen. Focusing on your love, my images elicit joy, warmth, and happiness.  

The second half of the equation is my editing style (which is 100% completed in-house - I don't trust anyone else with my work!) I carefully tweak each and every image with artistic intention. With a love for rich, natural colors I apply subtle warm undertones. I want your photos to be truly timeless.